It has been quite some time since I last updated this site with anything useful. There are several reasons for this, mostly related to work/life balance but I have also struggled to think about what best belongs here. I wanted to make a simple blog style site to document the random things I do at home, work, or “just because”.

When I look back at some of my previous posts, I can’t help but think about how dated they are despite being only a few years old. For instance, I no longer run a Unifi Controller on GCP, or any cloud for that matter. Instead opting to use a physical Unifi Cloud Key (Gen2+) as it removes my dependence on running unnecessary software in the cloud. I also don’t have any “servers” running at home anymore (unless you count a couple of Raspberry Pi’s?). Once upon a time I had a rather beefy 24 core 190GB Dell R630 sitting there doing nothing but DNS queries and a few other basic monitoring tasks. I have replaced all of this, sold the hardware and could not be happier.

This was a slow transition over the course of around 12-18 months where I tried to reduce my footprint and have a home where no “server” is buzzing away generating unnecessary sound and heat. In addition to that, I have standardised on Ubuntu 20.04 for my Raspberry Pi’s and WSL, started running dual stacked IPv4/IPv6 at home thanks to Aussie Broadband. While I did briefly move away from ZeroTeir to Wireguard for my remote VPN’s, this did introduce a rather interesting and so far unsolved bug that is yet to be resolved.

I do however still run Bind, pihole and cloudflared all together on my raspberry pi’s. I am also making heavy use of cloudflared, more on that in a later post.